Christmas Crafts for Kids

28 Dec
Fleece Crafts

Fleece Tote, DSi Case, Crayon Roll and Scarf with iPod/Cell Phone Pocket

I was thinking of something fun and useful that my kids, niece and nephew might actually like for Christmas and decided to make scarves, totes, crayon rolls and DSi/Leapster cases, each with his or her own pattern. I made everything out of fleece, which is durable enough that it doesn’t need lining or interfacing, plus they don’t fray so they don’t need hemmed. Fleece comes in tons of cute patterns and is also very affordable. I bought mine while it was 50% off so each yard was $5.00. They were a big hit!


Fleece Tote

Fleece Tote

I started with Simplicity Pattern 4391 that was on sale for $0.99 and I simplified it. I used the D messenger bag and taped the flap pattern piece to the body. I cut one piece of the body only and one piece of the body and flap. I cut it so the pattern on the body only was upright and on the body and flap was upside down, so that when the flap was over the front of the bag they would both be upright. I made the strap from 2 pieces of fleece, each a yard long and about 2 inches wide, sewed together with a zigzag stitch in the middle and sewn to the front top of the bags, also with a zigzag stitch in a square. On the one in the picture I added velcro but decided it wasn’t needed (and also a bigger pain than I expected) and didn’t add it to the others. The flap is long enough to stay down on it’s own.

DSi Case

DSi Case

DSi Case

I used the same Simplicity Pattern 4391 as inspiration for the DSi Case and modified the measurements for the iPad Case I created for my boss (pattern from Dixie Mango), except I wanted it to go in longways and didn’t cut the flap into a point. I cut one large rectangle, using the DSi measurements and adding an inch in each direction, doubling the long end and adding about 4 inches for the flap. I also added a little pocket on the bottom by cutting a piece of fleece the same width and about 2 inches high (the Leapster Explorer case for my one nephew is made the same way, using the Leapster Explorer measurements). I folded the bottom up, placed the bottom pocket after sewing a 1/4 inch top stitching on the top, and then sewed the while thing together using 1/4 inch seam allowance. I top stitched the flap to make it look nicer and reinforced the openings.

Scarf with iPod/Cell Phone Pocket

Scarf with Pocket

Scarf with Pocket

I made scarves for my daughter’s teachers, and decided to make scarves for the kids as well. You can read the scarf instructions first, the only thing I added was a pocket about 3 by 4 inches, about a foot up from one end. If you know the dimensions of the item you can add a half an inch for seam allowance, plus the thickness of the item and make the pocket to size.

Crayon Roll

Crayon Roll Open

Crayon Roll Open

I saw crayon rolls on Etsy and decided I could make them myself. I found a great tutorial at Skip to My Lou, made in felt. I used the dimensions and instructions, but since I was using heavier fleece I only used 2 pieces – the back and the crayon holder, using the smaller dimensions. The kids loved them and my niece, who I didn’t make one for because I wasn’t sure if she was too big for it, said she wanted one so I’ll whip one up for her soon.

Crayon Roll Closed

Crayon Roll Closed

Happy Crafting!

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